Redenou is a project that is structured in two ways: firstly searching, locating and documenting pieces of industrial design, interior design and architecture in the second half of the twentieth century, a period known as the second generation of modernity; secondly, the restoration and circulation of recovered objects that have a special interest, both formal and aesthetic context. The project is interested in productions generated by businesses and professionals in a context ideological, social, political and economic Specifically, fifties, sixties and seventies in Catalonia, and by extension the rest of the state.

The intention is that its proponents Redenou be a complement to a historiography design underdeveloped, in general terms, does not consider the contents out of the “official” design. There have been productions of interest in the background in the same historiographical discourse, so Redenou to create a file that takes into account these items, authors and forgotten or little experience deepened, and thus give evidence of some avant-garde works created in a context hostile to modernity in other countries became with “naturalness.” The team will Redenou this paper is to highlight student pieces to their characteristics and context are revealing the same time. Consider these productions as a way of understanding the material culture beyond aestheticism. Redenou focuses mainly on rationalism and its excellence in production of a minority, local and political necessity. With the publication of this paper we review businesses, factories, designers and producers from parts unknown to most work displayed little of the “names” and officially recognized.